Friday, March 23, 2012

There Are No Horses in the Hunger Games

By Kitson

When I flip through one of my husband's golf magazines, I play a little game: how many pages until I can find a horse? There's always a horse, usually some resort-style glamour shot of a woman riding while her husband is off... golfing. It's the same when I go to the movies. How long do I have to wait before the horse scene? I'm always looking for a flick of a tail or listening for the pounding of hooves when I go to the movies.

After becoming a slave to the books that make up the trilogy, I saw the Hunger Games tonight, exactly 17 hours after its debut on the big screen. It was painfully lacking in horse flesh. But it turns out that the girl who plays Katniss Everdeen (the tough as nails, Oscar-nominated actress Jennifer Lawrence) is a bit of a horse girl, at least according to People.

As for what I thought of the movie, it was okay. Not as good as the book (it could never have been). And certainly not better than if I had ditched the popcorn and spent those 2 hours and 22 minutes on my horse.


  1. I got very worried, when reading the Hunger Games, that at some point there would be horses. You could see that had there been horses, there would have been some grim equine-themed moments. . .muttations?

  2. In the movie (and possibly the book), there are horses during the Tribute Parade. I am questioning their realism, as they trotted along without a driver and parked themselves perfectly along the half-circle facing Snow. In the movie, there was also a close-up of the horses' feet during the parade and afterwards where the carriages are emptied and the tributes are led to the Training Center.

    In that futuristic world, with all the technology, horses wouldn't be of much use in the Captiol, but perhaps in Districts 10 and 11 (Livestock and Agriculture) they would be of use. We don't see much of 11, and 10 is rarely, if ever, mentioned.

    According to a few interviews including some with I believe David Letterman, she [Jennifer L.] tells she was nearby/raised on a farm with [green] horses. She mentioned she was thrown, kicked, etc., and that as a result of "jumping ship" and a few other incidents, has a deformed elbow and tailbone.

  3. Interesting!! The only bit of horses I recalled from the movie were some brown rumps in harness during the tribute parade. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love horses and the Hunger Games... it could have been a bit more horsey but I still found it a great movie :)

  5. I love writing, I love horses and I love The Hunger Games, so I was thinking that I would write my own version of The Hunger Games based on the original, but where you would be able to take any animal of your liking into the games with you if you thought it would be of use to you. I have a storyline in my head, just need to get it onto paper!