Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Allie Conrad: "Can Veterinarians Improve The State Of Thoroughbred Racing?"

By Eliza

Allie Conrad is the executive director of CANTER Mid-Atlantic, which finds homes for ex-racehorses. I interviewed her for a book called Second Chance Horses a few years ago, and enjoyed meeting her. She is blogging for the Chronicle of the Horse, and has posted a piece here about how the "elephant in the room" concerning racehorse breakdowns is veterinarians. "The veterinarians are put into a situation where they are endangering horses, people and, of course, their employment status. If they don’t do it, the next vet will. Horses then go out and run and further injure the joint, leaving them crippled for life if they are lucky, dead if they are not," she writes. It's another point to consider in the unfolding current discussion about racing.


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