Articles By Kitson Jazynka

A lifelong horse lover and equestrian, Kitson contributes to equestrian magazines including Horse Illustrated, Young Rider, the United State Equestrian Federation's Equestrian and Dressage Today, dog magazines including Dog Fancy, Popular Puppies and Natural Dog, and children's magazines including American Girl and National Geographic Kids. She also contributes regularly to the Washington Post's KidsPost section. In 2011 she wrote a book for the Washington, DC Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Project Foundation. Her children's biography, Martin Luther King, Jr. will be published in December 2012. You can check out some of Kitson's work below. 




“Model Student and Show Jumping Star Hillary Dobbs” Young Rider, July/August 2010
“Cross Country Control with Lucinda Fredericks” Horse Illustrated, July 2010
“Interview with Chester Weber: Driven to Succeed” Horse Illustrated, June 2010
“True Story” and “Shining Star” American Girl, May/June 2010“Show Jumper Laura Kraut” Young Rider, May/June 2010
“Helper Horse” National Geographic Kids, May 2010
“New App for FEI Dressage Tests” Dressage Today, May 2010

“First-Grader Organizes Fundraiser for Dogs” Dog Fancy, May 2010
“Four-Way Stop” Horse Illustrated, April 2010
“Interview with Valerie Kanavy” Horse Illustrated, April 2010
“Donkey Heroes” National Geographic Kids, April 2010
“True Story: Kelsey V. Won a Pony” American Girl, March/April 2010“A Chat with Eventing Superstar Phillip Dutton” Young Rider, March/April 2010
“Cool Kids: Raising a Seeing Eye Puppy” Dog Fancy, March 2010“Show Jumping From the Ground Up with Margie Engle” Horse Illustrated, March 2010
“Pretty Pretty Puppy”Dog Fancy’s Popular Puppies Series, German Shepherd Puppies (Vol. 7)
“Dog Flies Away” National Geographic Kids, February 2010
“Top Dog” American Girl, January/February 2010
“Interview with Lyle Lovett: Horse Country” Horse Illustrated, February 2010
“Bear is Best Friend” National Geographic Kids, January 2010
“Cool Kids: Living with a K9 Police Dog” Dog Fancy, January 2010


“Help Your Horse Understand Collection with Steffen Peters” Dressage Today, December 2009
“True Story” and “Shining Star” American Girl, November/December 2009“Sliding into Success: A Chat with Stacy Westfall” Young Rider, November/December 2009
“Interview with Courtney King-Dye: Dedicated to Dressage” Horse Illustrated, November 2009
“The Magic Circle” Dressage Today, October 2009
“Interview with Dick and Felix Francis: Thrill Ride” Horse Illustrated, October 2009
“Adopt a Horse: Thelma and Louise” Young Rider, September/October 2009
“True Story” and “Shining Star” American Girl, September/October 2009“Interview with Margie Engle: Still Soaring” Horse Illustrated, August 2009
“True Story” and “Shining Star” American Girl, July/August 2009“Interview with Beezie Madden” Young Rider, July/August 2009
“Cheer Leader” American Girl, Back to School 2009
“Meet Stacy Westfall: Reining Success” Horse Illustrated, July 2009
“True Story: Natalie and Rocco” American Girl, May/June 2009“Puppy Predicaments”Dog Fancy’s Popular Puppies Series, Bulldog Puppies (Vol. 6)
“An Eventing Career Built on Dressage: Gina Miles” Dressage Today, May 2009
“Interview with Laura Kraut: Still Soaring” Horse Illustrated, May 2009
“Camps for Canines” Dogs For Kids, April/May 2009
“Songs and Saddles” Horse Illustrated, April 2009
“Galloping Along with Gina Miles” Young Rider, March/April 2009
“Helping Horses in Need” Young Rider, March/April 2009
“Eventing to the Top” Horse Illustrated, March 2009
“Homeward Bound” Dogs For Kids, February/March 2009
“Training Arabian Sport Horses” Dressage Today, February 2009
“Sliding to Success” Horse Illustrated, February 2009
“Sisters with Heart” American Girl, January/February 2009
“What a Ride” Horse Illustrated, January 2009
“Roll Over, Beethoven!” Dogs For Kids, December 2008/January 2009


“Shining Stars” American Girl, November/December 2008
“Theodore O'Connor” Young Rider, September/October 2008
“Baton-twirler” American Girl, September/October 2008
“I Can't Believe It Happened to Me!” American Girl, September/October 2008
“Play Ball!” Dogs For Kids, August/September 2008
“Girls at Work” American Girl, July/August 2008
“Margie Engle & Her Horses” Young Rider, July/August 2008
“Dog Power” Dogs For Kids, June/July 2008
“Nikko Ritter” Young Rider, May/June 2008
“For the Animals” American Girl, May/June 2008
“Kayla L.: Shining Star” American Girl, May/June 2008
“AI: What Mare Owners Need to Know” Dressage Today, May 2008
“The Language of the Aids” Dressage Today, May 2008
“True Story” and “Shining Star” American Girl, March 2008
“How Healthy is Your Hound?” Dogs For Kids, February/March 2008
“Leapin’ Lesley” Young Rider, January 2008


“Take Away Takes Top Prize at the National Horse Show” Chronicle of The Horse, December 2007
“Balance and Alignment” Dressage Today, November 2007
“Brianne Goutal” Young Rider, November 2007
“I [Heart] My School” American Girl, September/October 2007
“Rodeo Rider & Polo Player” Young Rider, September/October 2007
“Outbreak” Dressage Today, July 2007
“Ride with Less Hand, More Feel” Dressage Today, July 2007
“Emily Hilscher Taught Many Valuable Lessons In Her Short Life” Chronicle of The Horse, June 2007
“Vaulting to the Top: Megan Benjamin” Young Rider, May/June 2007
“It Takes Two” American Girl, January/February 2007


“Dedicated to Dressage: Debbie McDonald” Young Rider, November/December 2006
“Dressage Stars Come Out for Young Riders” Dressage Today, October 2006
“Walk a Mile in Your Horse’s Shoes” Dressage Today, September 2006
“Up, Light and Confident” Dressage Today, July 2006
“Active Girls” American Girl, May/June 2006
“It’s Showtime!” Dogs For Kids, April/May 2006
“True Story: Tay-bandz” American Girl, March/April 2006
“Amy Tryon” Young Rider, March/April 2006
“Cat Champ” and “True Story: Saje Beard” American Girl, January/February 2006
“Going to School on a Mule!” Young Rider, January/February 2006


“Wellington: Horse City USA” Dressage Today, December 2005
“Horsing Around with Dakota Fanning” Young Rider, November/December 2005
“Travel School” American Girl, September/October 2005
“Saving Foals from Slaughter” Young Rider, September/October 2005
“Not So Little Spotted Draft Foal Finds His Way Home” The Spotlight, Summer 2005
“You Be the Judge” Young Rider, July/August 2005
“Have You Seen My Dog?” Dogs for Kids, July/August 2005
“History of Dressage” reprinted in the FEI World Cup Finals Official Program, April 2005
“Horse Crazy” American Girl, March/April 2005
“Island Pony” Young Rider, March/April 2005
“Guiding Lights” Dogs for Kids, February/March 2005

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