Saturday, December 14, 2013

Article about Sunny Hale, world's most famous female polo player

Here is another New York Times article. (I scan the entire world for articles about horses in non-horse publications so you don't have to.) Fascinating piece by Geraldine Fabrikant about a part of the horse world I don't know too much about--polo. The piece says that women are the fastest-growing part of the sport, so maybe it is time for me to take up the mallet. (Kitson, how do you think Sugar would feel about becoming a polo pony?) This is a profile of the wonderfully-named Sunny Hale, who is the most famous female polo player in the world. (Best detail may be about her mom, Sue Sally Hale, who played before women could play, so "disguised herself as a man by tucking up her hair, taping down her breasts and painting on a mustache. She played under the name A. Jones." 

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