Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Visit to Glenhaven Farm

By Kitson

It's not every day you drive by the birthplace of your horse by accident, but it happened to me. It involved a hasty u-turn, spilled hot chocolate in the backseat and a few complaints from my young passengers (are we home yet?). But there it is -- how can you just drive past the birthplace of your horse without stopping (even if it meant certain passengers missed an NFL kickoff on TV)? I couldn't, so we did.

A cruise down the driveway turned into a lovely visit with the farm's owner and resident Welsh Cob and pony breeder, Suzanne Moody. We had a grand time visiting with the beautiful ponies and cobs, admiring the farm's rolling hills and making plans to return in April when her next batch of babies will have been born...

These two Section B Welsh pony yearlings seemed happy enough to see us.

welcome wagon

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  1. Yes, I have a good life, a great niece and a love of ponies like she does. My hot chocolate was not spilled.