Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Please Help Pure Thoughts Horse Rescue

By Kitson

Reposting from Pure Thoughts website about the devastating flood they have suffered down in South Florida. Click here to donate.

Currently 29 of our 39 stalls have approximately 16 inches of water.
The water pump went out and we now have no water so we are collecting rain water.
Hay is wiped out so we are feeding it all out quickly before mold sets it.

There is about 8 feet circumference around the house that is not flooded and about 8 feet around the upper barn.

Both storage sheds have been wiped out.
Riding lawn mower done.
Golf cart done.

Trying not be be emotional but cannot help but just sobbing.. it is just a disaster and the horses are standing is water, we cannot even put their hay down because it is nothing but water.. feeding them half pads at a time and putting it in feed bucket and CLEARLY trying to explain to them NOT TO YANK IT OUT.. just eat it..

I want to thank everyone for sharing our circumstances and donating.. This is devastating. We will be relocating hopefully starting tomorrow.

Things we need if you would rather donate items off the top of my head:

Hay - O&A, T&A or Alfalfa
Shavings - Pelleted or sawdust type
Boards 2 X 4 16 feet long
Sand Fill
Vet Wrap
Hoof sole hardening and drying products
Mosquito/Fly Spray repellent
Old Towels, sheets anything absorbent

Also if anyone has of or knows of an RV we could use for a couple weeks.. nothing fancy just something for Brad to be in while we have horses at both properties. we were not planning on moving yet so there is not a place to live available on the property yet.. even a camper or something. .. does not have to be fancy at all..

If you have any questions about helping or anything at all please call Brad at 561-951-2108.

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