Monday, June 11, 2012

A Lot to Love About Starwars TOF

By Kitson

This months’ Dressage Today includes a story I wrote about a showstopper of a Haflinger named Starwars TOF, and of course his rider, the talented Grand Prix dressage rider Jillian Santi. Curious, brave and handsome, the 14-year old gelding Starwars TOF was the first Haflinger in the U.S. to show at a United States Dressage Federation recognized show at the FEI Grand Prix level (check out this video of their latest freestyle!). I originally connected with Jillian while writing a profile about Haflingers and their owners for Horse Illustrated (September 2011 issue, blogged about it here). They live in Washington state.

There's a lot to love about this horse. One of the things I loved most about Star was the fact that he can piaffe, passage and pirouette one minute and mountain trek the next. Jillian’s mom also has a Haflinger and the four of them go on awesome rides and campouts in the northeastern US. This month they headed to eastern Washington state to go on a benefit trail ride and then spent a couple of days riding in the foothills.

In the fall of 2010, the pair went to a new horse park in Washington State. When Jillian spotted a huge bull elk, Star eagerly took his rider close enough for a good picture. (All photos courtesy of Jillian Santi)

Equally at home in the dressage arena or roughing it on a wilderness trail, Star is always personable, energetic and sensitive.

For more information about Austria’s golden, hug-able native breed click here.

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