Monday, April 14, 2014

Barn Drama article in the Wall Street Journal

We have all been there. . .barn drama. Someone leaves in a huff, someone badmouths someone else's horse/trainer/barn manager. . .

Well, now this phenomenon is receiving national attention. Barn drama, reports Lauren Lipton in the Wall Street Journal, is an occupational hazard for barn managers. "There are overprotective owners who insist their animals be treated like porcelain figurines, and neglectful owners who never show up. There are "back seat riders," as some call them, who love to criticize other people's technique. Some freak out over a stray wisp of hay in the barn aisle. . ."

Another quote: "Give them a consuming hobby centered on a delicate, expensive living creature. Put them in close quarters, often with children and dogs that run amok, spooking the horses, and let the backbiting begin."

Sound familiar?

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