Monday, March 24, 2014

Over the Fence

My editor at Young Rider and Horse Illustrated magazines recently asked me to blog a bit on, which is shortly to become (I just noticed the nice promo which features my horse, Taff and my dog, Rex!).

As for the name, "Over the Fence," it refers to one of the things I like doing most at the barn: leaning on the fence and admiring the horses on the other side of it. This weekend, I wrote a bit about a new pony my boys have started riding. A few more pics here.

Eliza's horse, Sugar, gives us the busy signal.
Would love to come over and say hi but I've got grass to eat!

Max shares his carrot with Paddles.
Shares some of his carrot, I meant.

The boys asked about the marks on Paddles' rear. I told them ponies are like little boys, they get scrapes and cuts but it's usually no big deal.

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