Thursday, April 26, 2012

Exterminator's 1918 Kentucky Derby

By Eliza

More Derby stuff. . .this is historical, though.  Exterminator, the racehorse with whom I am admittedly preoccupied, won the Derby in 1918.  Here is a video of his race.  I love how you can see what a rainy day it had been, the depth of the mud on the track.  You can see photographers picking their way through the muck.  And most of all, there is Exterminator, pulling ahead with what people would start to recognize as his characteristic style, and then wearing his roses at the end, his long head and long body.  Everyone is wearing a hat.

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  1. I think horses are amazing and although I was never a horse racing fan I am now. This article about the racehorse, "Exterminator" tweaked my interest. The video surprised me since I never realized that kind of coverage was given back then. Thanks for the post!

    Brian Reynolds - The Exterminator