Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pony Time

By Kitson

It’s always pony time at the Island Theater in Chincoteague, Virginia.
Chincoteague never hustles or bustles quite as much as it does on the eve of the annual pony swim. Yesterday at day break, the saltwater cowboys moved the ponies from the northern corral out to the beachfront and south along the Atlantic to join the ponies in the southern corral. Today, the line at the Island Creamery for marsh-mud flavored ice cream snakes all the way to Maddox Boulevard and carnival-goers rush to buy their raffle tickets for a chance at winning King or Queen Neptune -- the first foal to come ashore

Come 7:15 tomorrow morning, I’ll be sitting on a pier waiting to watch the ponies swim the channel --something I've looked forward to pretty much my whole life.

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