Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pony Penning Day

By Kitson

A few pictures from the pony swim Chincoteague today. It stormed like crazy as the ponies were set to swim at slack tide (the moments between high and low tide), but a little business from Mother Nature did not hold back the Salt Water Cowboys from driving the ponies on...
Before the storm, a Saltwater Cowboy rides his horse, a mare named Lady, through the marsh for a cold drink.

The cowboy's horses from the other side arrive on Chincoteague via party boat.

This was right before I put my camera away -- we got drenched - ponies and people.

An hour later, parading down Main Street to the carnival grounds. Now the sun decides to come back out!

Tight quarters for two stallions leads to ... disagreements.

Where are we Mama??

The kick zone...

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