Sunday, October 21, 2012

Horses in D.C.

By Eliza

It's WIHS time here in our nation's capital, and the newspaper this weekend has been full of horses.  The first was a big story about War Horse, which is at the Kennedy Center.  I would like to see the play, with its incredible horse puppets and relentlessly great reviews, but. . .

Here's my War Horse problem:  I cried through the entire movie.  From the minute Joey is brought to the farm to the final, heartrending homecoming.  Just cried.  You can ask Kitson, who was sitting next to me.  I lost a horse who was every bit as close to me as Joey is to Albert.  When he was dying, I tried as hard to save him--veterinary hospital instead of battlefield--but the longing Albert felt for his horse was too super-real for me not to cry the entire time, because my horse died.  So I am not sure I can take the play--Kitson, are you game?--but I'd like to try.  And here's the article about it from the Post.

In other local horse news, it's Gold Cup weekend.  That's Virginia's hat event, and the Post covered it with a beautiful photo.

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  1. I would see War Horse every day of the week if I could. I saw it in New York and, when Topthorn died, felt like I was watching a real death taking place. When I interviewed the South African who made the puppets (the next morning), I told him so. Still, I love that story.