Monday, October 22, 2012

Hanna Powers: One Awesome Young Rider

By Kitson

For a long time I didn’t have my own pony. I was just the lesson kid. I constantly remember how lucky I am to get to ride in two places, on my amazing school team and on my awesome pony. I’m living a dream. I’m really lucky. ~ Hanna Powers

Last month I met a wonderful young rider named Hanna Powers. What a great girl –articulate, friendly, humble and a wonderful horse person. We did a little photo shoot, me taking pictures of Hanna and Arielle, one of the school horses she rides at the MadeiraSchool in McLean, VA. Afterwards, we sat in the barn for an interview. We talked horses, what else?

It was a great way to spend an hour on a beautiful Friday afternoon in the early fall.

Sure, I love writing about horses. And I love writing for children. But when I get to write about horses for children, it’s really fun. Here’s the finished product, which will be in the Washington Post tomorrow and highlights Hanna's role as Youth Ambassador for the Washington International Horse Show, which starts the 23rd.

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