Tuesday, February 5, 2013

HOPE and an Interview With Clydesdale Trainer Tommie Turvey

By Kitson
Nobody loves the Budweiser Clydes more than I do. So many people have texted and tweeted and posted about their tears on Facebook or emailed me about how they cried over the “Brotherhood” Superbowl commercial (including my esteemed Sweetfeed co-author Eliza McGraw, see said sobbing below). As much as I love these commercials and those horses, somehow I stayed dry-eyed (Click here to see which celebrities are boo hoo-ing via twitter.) Strange for me -- I cry at cat food commercials and I get misty eyed whenever I think about my once-in-a-lifetime horse who died three years ago.

I think I was distracted by some technical details like, wouldn’t the foal have been wearing a breakaway halter when he jerked away from the post? And why was that lead rope laying in the field? Well I put my inquiring mind to work and called Tommie Turvey, a trick rider and horse trainer who trained the horses for the commercial. He and I met at the World Equestrian Games in 2010 while I was writing a story for American Girl magazine about an awesome girl rider named Lizzy who performs with him.

But I digress. Tommie called me back last night while I was making dinner and helping with fourth grade fractions homework at the kitchen table. I put the fractions on hold and the chicken burned, but I had a great chat with Tommie (more to come on that). He texted me at 7 a.m. this morning to say that the three-week old foal in the commercial had been named HOPE -- what a great name. Click here for more on that, and don't forget to tune back into the SweetFeed tomorrow for my interview with Tommie.

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