Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sergeant Reckless

This Veteran's Day, I read some pieces about a horse named Sergeant Reckless.  She was "a Mongolian mare who won two Purple Hearts and earned the rank of staff sergeant for carrying ammunition in battle," according to the NYT blog about her.  I am drawn to the story because it is amazing--a Saturday Evening Post article about her rallied Americans to bring her home--but also because there is an author out there named Robin Hutton who is writing a book about Reckless.  I've got the same obsession with the racehorse Exterminator.  It made me think--is there someone out there for each of these famous horses of the past?  Each one of them has one of us--a writer, bound to find out more, preoccupied with Reckless or Exterminator or the many others that we know contributed to the world. . .here's to you, Robin Hutton.

And most of all, here's to Reckless.

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