Thursday, July 19, 2012

Pioneer Woman and Wild Horses

Some of you may be familiar with The Pioneer Woman--she writes a blog, hosts a cooking show, and generally shares her life as a rancher.  Here's a post about the BLM mustangs that her husband, whom she calls "Marlboro Man," wrote.  Very interesting and illuminating about what mustangs actually mean and where they are in today's world.

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  1. Until I read this, I'd never heard of this Pioneer Woman person so I did a little internet research. Wow! At least 3 websites are calling this woman out for plagiarism and for being disingenuous about her Rockefeller lifestyle. One site has posted photos of cookbooks from Ree Drummond's hometown that have practically identical recipes to those she publishes on her site and in her books. And apparently her television show is a scripted nightmare with staged ranch scenes and recipes loaded with fat and cholesterol. The sites are: The Marlboro Woman, Pie Near Woman and The Pioneer Woman Sux.

    According to this link, the Pioneer Woman and her family are being paid handsomely by the US govt. to house and babysit wild mustangs. That means you and me, the taxpayers.