Thursday, January 19, 2012

Something Sweet

By Kitson

What’s a more delicious combination than horses and cupcakes?
For the last three years, DC-based Georgetown Cupcakes has been supplying cupcakes like “Vanilla Birthday” and “Bubblegum Pink” to show champions at the Washington International Horse Show. Last October, the WIHS organizers put in a big order: build a jump out of cupcakes for barn night. The confectionary obstacle – the final fence during the Gambler’s Choice which was also a Halloween costume class -- included 2,000 individual cupcakes.

Photo courtesy of WIHS, Shawn McMillen Photography

In this picture, showjumping pair Helen Goddard on Guitar Hero take the jump in yummy fashion. The ladies who started the business now also have a show on TLC called DC CUPCAKES. The episode that includes the cupcake night at the WIHS aired this week, click here to check the schedule for reruns.


  1. My goodness. I'm sorry to see all those cupcakes go uneaten.

  2. Wow. Now I've heard everything. Nothing but a bunch of D.C. elites would enjoy horses and cupcakes. Y'all oughta come out west where we really know horses.